Ashgrove Carpet Restoration is a trusted and reliable carpet restoration company specializing in bringing new life to worn-out carpets.

Why Choose Elite

We offer fast and reliable services with 24/7 emergency response, advanced equipment, and skilled technicians to handle a variety of restoration projects.

Expertise in Carpet Restoration

Ashgrove Carpet Restoration specializes in the restoration of carpets and has in-depth knowledge of various carpet types, fibers, and restoration techniques.

Comprehensive Carpet Services

From thorough deep cleaning to spot treatment and repair, they provide a full spectrum of services to restore your carpets' beauty and prolong their lifespan.

Advanced Equipment and Techniques

They stay updated with the latest industry practices, ensuring that their restoration methods are efficient, effective, and environmentally friendly. This commitment to using advanced technology sets them apart in the industry.

Highly Skilled and Professional Team

They have the expertise to assess the condition of your carpets and recommend the most suitable restoration solutions.

Customized Approach

Ashgrove Carpet Restoration understands that each carpet restoration project is unique. They take a customized approach, tailoring their services to your specific needs and the requirements of your carpets.

Excellent Customer Service

Ashgrove Carpet Restoration is dedicated to providing excellent customer service. They prioritize clear communication, ensuring that you are informed about the restoration process, timeline, and any additional recommendations.



With a team of experienced professionals and a commitment to quality, Ashgrove Carpet Restoration has established itself as a leading provider of carpet restoration services. Whether you need stain removal, deep cleaning, odor treatment, or repairs for your carpets, Ashgrove Carpet Restoration has the expertise and techniques to revitalize your carpets and enhance the overall aesthetics of your space.